Pony Tournament Teams

The OPRF Pony spring program offers two programs for 13-year-old and 14-year-old players.

The first program is the House League of seven teams who play local games as well as intra-divisional games with other Pony teams from neighboring communities.

The second program is the Tournament/Travel system. For 2017, there are two Tournament/Travel teams. The players on these separate Tournament/Travel teams participate only in tournaments and against top-caliber teams from across the region.  Player evaluations for both programs occur at the same time. Participation in the house and travel/tournament programs is based on a combination of the players' requests and the skill evaluations.

For 15- and 16-year-old players, OPRF Pony offers a Colt Division program after the Illinois High School Association baseball season ends. Colt teams will form in late May and participate with Colt teams in the North Suburban Youth Baseball Association.

Historically, OPRF Pony has fielded 3 post-season tournament teams: a 14-year-old "national" team, a 13-year-old "national" team and a combined 13/14-year-old "local" team. The "national" teams are designated as such when the OPRF Pony Board decides to enter that team to compete in the Pony National tournament, which, if a team continues to advance, could result in a team competing in the Pony World Series. The "local" team will not participate in the pool play for Pony National. All three teams will play in local tournaments regardless of their "national" designation.