Pony House League

The in-house Pony league is for boys aged thirteen to fourteen and is made up of two divisions: Cunningham and Knight. The season opens mid-April and ends mid-July. Concurrent with the in-house league play, several teams will be formed to participate in tournaments as well as to compete nationally (regional, zone, and ultimately, the Pony World Series).

The Cunningham division is typically made up of eight teams with twelve to thirteen players on a team. The teams play a season of roughly 20 games with a double-elimination playoff and an All-Star game. The managers of the teams in the Cunningham division are committed individuals who have given their time and efforts over many years (even decades) to providing the best knowledge of the sport to the boys in their charge. The Cunningham division is a very competitive division with a high level of play.

All of the registered boys are evaluated by league administrators, managers, coaches and volunteers during a week-long tryout session in late March/early April. All eligible players are then chosen by the Cunningham managers at a professional style draft. Once a player is drafted by a Cunningham team, that player is considered a member of that team, even for the following year if they are eligible to play in the Pony League again.

After all of the open slots on the teams have been filled, the remaining players are sorted by ability level into equal teams. The sorted teams are known as the Knight division. This division is made up of approximately six to eight teams given the number of players available. Every effort is made to see that the teams have been balanced based on player talent.

The Knight division managers, like their Cunningham counterparts are also volunteers. Typically they are parents that donate their time and efforts to the league to provide a learning opportunity for the boys in their charge. The major difference is that not all of the managers in the Knight division volunteer for more than two years at a time as they will likely move on after their son(s) age out of the Pony league. While the Knight division is considered a recreational league, the teams play a full schedule of games with a double-elimination playoff and an All-Star game using the same rules as the Cunningham division.

Players in the Knight division are eligible to "play up" in the Cunningham division as the need for substitutes arises but Cunningham players may NOT play in the Knight division.